Hello, my name is Blake Baumann and I specialize in helping people with Asperger’s and high functioning autism to unleash their genius and excel at managing the world around them so that they can live an exceptional life.

My Story:

Asperger’s came into my life at age 36 when my mini-me, my son, was diagnosed with it. The medical paperwork called it Asperger’s Syndrome (now known as Autism Spectrum Disorder) and after doing extensive research, understanding the symptoms, I knew the undeniable, I had it as well.

For several years I denied it, not only for myself but also for my son. I even made sure my son’s school didn’t receive the diagnosis because I didn’t want my son treated any differently from other children because I knew the world wouldn’t. My wife, who worked in education and is the original one who pointed out that my son and I both had Asperger’s, tried bringing up the conversation several times after the official diagnosis to which I would quickly shut her down. The truth is I thought it would make me less of a person.

I had worked extremely hard to overcome the many challenges that I faced in childhood and as an adult from social anxiety, communication awkwardness, sensory issues, and developing relationships to be an executive leader, speaker, husband, and father. Over the next few years with the help of my incredible wife, I was able to see all the things I achieved as a pathway to help other people with Asperger’s.

Through ASPIE-R Coaching, it’s my mission to help you and your loved ones to embrace and recognize what Asperger’s is…not a syndrome or disorder but a gift. Let me help you unleash your gift to live a truly exceptional life.

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